The spiritual needs to help you RISE…

Tarot-Mediumship-Intuitive Readings

Tarot readings are a form of divination that allows B.Kennedy to see into your life whether it is past, present, or future.

Prices displayed are for general readings. If you want a specific question answered add an additional $5. For a 360 reading giving you a view of your love, finances & career, health, & spirituality add $15.

Mediumship readings connect you with loved ones who have passed. Starting price is $45 to contact 3 people. Add an additional $10 per person to contact more than 3 people.

Spiritual Cleansing & Healing Baths

Spiritual Cleansing & Healing Baths help cleanse your aura, break curses, balance your chakras, provide healing and…they feel good!

Recipe, Consultation, & Incantation$40
Recipe, Consultation, Incantation, & Ingredients$80 & up


Incantations are spells or “prayers” designed to help you manifest your desires.


Life Coaching & Spiritual Consulting

Kennedy’s life experiences growing up as an orphan & navigating life has given her a vast amount of knowledge. As adults we oftentimes negate our childhood experiences that have molded perceptions creating approaches to life that do not serve our greatest good. When we have unhealed trauma it stunts our growth. As a Life Coach & Spiritual Consultant Kennedy helps you navigate through your journey by bringing to light the root cause of situations that are troubling you & comes up with a holistic approach to balance your life for maximum growth.

30 Minute Session$45
60 Minute Session$75
90 Minute Session$105

“I must say that the universe brought me into contact with Brittany for my first ever tarot reading and I was really amazed. Everything was on point as she dissected virtually everything about my life which has opened my eyes greatly to my life purpose. I highly recommend her to you for accurate readings. Peace and power!”

— Khollinz Addo