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Hanging in the Balance

2021 abreast the pandemic, which seems like it has no end in sight as they dish out vaccines that may not work like a slow dripping IV is all about B-A-L-A-N-C-E.  The recurring theme in my readings is exactly that with the numbers from timestamps in my readings ringing high in the number 4, 6,Continue reading “Hanging in the Balance”

2021 Forecast

2021 is a year of restoration & balance of perfect harmony.  The Universe will be constantly shifting to obtain balance as 2020 was the year of deconstruction to pave the way for the balance & harmony that 2021 will bring.  You will find in your individual lives the need to make life changing decisions thatContinue reading “2021 Forecast”

How To Read Your Reading

I’ve had clients comment and say “I don’t understand my reading. I don’t know how it applies to me.” I must admit after doing readings for 2 years now I have never been “wrong” or “inaccurate” in a reading. I hate to toot my horn but toot toot 🙂 What I have found is usually theContinue reading “How To Read Your Reading”

Pick Your Spread

Oftentimes clients are not sure what type of spread they would like to get so I figured I would make a little guide for you. Note: Each card has a specific meaning.  The card in an Upright position has a different meaning from a card in a Reverse position.  Oftentimes it is the exact oppositeContinue reading “Pick Your Spread”

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Nefertiti Rising Apothecary By B.Kennedy was founded by Brittany Kennedy in 2020. This is where you can get your spiritual needs met from Tarot Readings to Spiritual Cleansing & Healing Baths and a few magickal things in between!

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