How To Read Your Reading

I’ve had clients comment and say “I don’t understand my reading. I don’t know how it applies to me.” I must admit after doing readings for 2 years now I have never been “wrong” or “inaccurate” in a reading. I hate to toot my horn but toot toot 🙂

What I have found is usually the case when a client tells me they don’t understand their reading (which is not often) is that the client has become overwhelmed by the amount of information they have received & have skimmed over the reading or glossed over it in turn wanting me to give a play by play on a very detailed reading to describe how it applies to them.

By all means I am ALWAYS open to answering questions so feel free to ask BUT I have created a few tips to help smooth out the process so that you can understand your very in depth detailed reading already tailored to you. 

1. Make yourself a cup of hot coco, tea, maybe even a glass of red wine & RELAX.

2. Set the scene! Play you some meditation music. Remove all distractions! 

3. Get ready to READ your reading. Don’t be lazy. This information is for you. I know it’s a microwave world but it doesn’t mean everything has to be microwaved. Stop trying to take the easy way out & be ready to learn & receive the info you have asked for & paid good money for. You’re welcome 😉 

4. Talk to your spirit & tell yourself “I am ready to receive what is being revealed to me. Open my mind’s eye to what I need to see & learn.”

5. Start reading from the top. Word for word. Don’t skip, skim over, or gloss through your reading. Take notes. When you are finished take 5-10 minute break then come back & read it one more time. At this point if you have questions or concerns feel free to reach out to me.

6. Know that energy is fluid. A reading may refer to a man/ masculine energy & be speaking about a woman & vice versa. We as beings possess masculine & feminine energy regardless of our gender. 

7. Sometimes in a reading if you feel it does not pertain to you know that information about a friend, loved one, or someone close to you could also come through on your reading. 90% of the time the information is for you and solely about you. Occasionally small bits of your reading may not apply to you but your spouse, family, friend, colleague, or enemy 🤷🏽‍♀️. It NEVER happens that a reading doesn’t apply to you at all & is about someone else. This has NEVER happened in my readings & more than likely would NEVER happen as I ask divine for a reading for you by name. 

8. Give yourself time to process & download the information from your reading. Be patient with yourself as sometimes we need time to process things for it to click & make sense for us. The majority of you especially those who are highly introspective will understand your reading right away but some of you will not & that is ok. Some of my clients need a day to let the information sink in. Some do not. Some don’t like what the reading had to say & won’t want to be introspective but in truth that’s less than 1% of you in my experience.

9. Have fun. Be open & ready to receive. Being a skeptic is also ok. I’ve blown many minds away & welcome all audiences.

10. Keep a reading journal. Go back and reread your readings after about 3 months. Many times some things didn’t click for people right away but when going back after a period of time they will say “she did say that” 🤦🏽‍♀️. Information is timeless. When it is time for you to receive understanding you will. Not a moment before & not a moment after. That is Divine timing tailored just for you & your needs. 

11. Thank you for trusting me to give you a reading (readings are confidential). It is truly a joy to be able to help humanity in this capacity. It is not a gift I take lightly & in the moments I give you a reading I am healed & liberated by being able to be a part of your journey just by being able to give you the insight & guidance that Spirit instructs me to. 

12. Enjoy & come back 🖤



Published by Brittany Kennedy

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