Hanging in the Balance

2021 abreast the pandemic, which seems like it has no end in sight as they dish out vaccines that may not work like a slow dripping IV is all about B-A-L-A-N-C-E.  The recurring theme in my readings is exactly that with the numbers from timestamps in my readings ringing high in the number 4, 6, & 8 it is clear that balance is what we need to strive for in our lives right now.

It sounds simple right? Just for kicks and giggles, let’s play a game. 

Visualize your favorite pie. Now break that pie into slices of your life: work, family time, me time, quality time with your love partner, leisure time, time to do absolutely nothing because I feel like it, lol.  Now rank your slices of pie in order from where the majority of your time goes to where the least amount of your time goes.  Put the smallest piece of pie on your plate, grab a fork, and eat it.  Now remember, this is your favorite pie in the entire world.  I bet that slice of pie was not very satisfying was it?  You probably want to eat the pie that represents where you spend the most of your time don’t you?

Well, don’t even think about putting that piece of pie on the plate now because then you’ll be a glutton.  This is the reality of our lives.  We overindulge in one area of our lives and leave the rest of our needs hanging in the balance.  Society is hyper focused on mass production therefore the material aspects of our lives are what we ingest the most of.  The need to produce tangible things in order to “survive” is where we spend the majority of our time AKA “work” while the things that feed our soul get put on pause usually never tended to because there is no more time in the day and if there is you have no more energy. 

The universe is saying that we need to balance our lives.  Try to even out the pieces of the pie so that you don’t have to go back for more because you feel empty.  That way the pie lasts just a little bit longer.



Published by Brittany Kennedy

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