2021 Forecast

2021 is a year of restoration & balance of perfect harmony.  The Universe will be constantly shifting to obtain balance as 2020 was the year of deconstruction to pave the way for the balance & harmony that 2021 will bring.  You will find in your individual lives the need to make life changing decisions that have you feeling like you are at a crossroads where you either choose a life of imbalance & chaos or a life of harmony & balance.  The need to let go of things that have not served you is great as this awakening that the Universe is bringing about if not accepted will lock you into lack of consciousness & awareness.  The time to vibrate higher is now & those who do not choose that path will quickly see how the result will not serve them favorably yet tragically & destructively.

The Universe is wanting to love us & is waiting for us to love it back.  When we think of love we think of respect & a mutual give & take between both parties and I feel like the Universe in 2021 has asked us “are you ready to love me yet.”  We must honor the cycle of the Universe; life, death, & rebirth.  We must honor the role that we play in the Universe as beings that are part of the evolution that turns this world round.  We are the Universe & the Universe is us & it is time for us to acknowledge that & work with the Universe not against.  In working against the Universe we are working against ourselves.  We must achieve BALANCE

2021 will show us individually how unique we are so be prepared to discover gifts that you never knew you had & the ones that you are aware of will be soaring to new heights.  We will see happiness in our home increase as well as happiness in the self.  The focus on the “home” will be very prominent as 2020 was a year of karmic lessons hitting us hard so that we could see clearly as to what we should value most.  

2021 is a great year to launch businesses, focus on what matters most, creating balance & stability.

For the 2021 forecast I pulled the Queen of Swords in Reverse, Knight of Swords in Reverse, and the 6 of Pentacles.

The Queen of Swords reveals that this year there will be many Debbie downers who will try to pull down those on the path to creating balance & making positive changes.  Many of these people will be individuals closest to you; family, friends, and significant others.  They will be overtly critical of you.  These individuals are not in a place to receive the karmic lessons 2020 brought & have trapped themselves in a victim mentality.  Encourage these people but also make the decision to protect your energy & remove them from your space when necessary.  Many will actually unknowingly seek to bring you down while some will do it with specific intent as they envy your positivity & growth.  The latter groups are who you want to remove from your circle immediately.  Some of you will fear letting these people go especially when it is a love partner.  You must understand that for your own growth you will need to let people go.  Do not let others drain you of the beautiful place the Universe is bringing you into by allowing energy vamps suck you dry. 

Make sure to take care of your health this year & follow up on appointments.  Health is a big focus all year round and many of us will need to attune to the needs of our physical and mental health.  For some emotions & intuition will be so elevated throughout the year preventing you from thinking rationally.  Others will experience the polar opposite shutting off their intuition & functioning solely with logic.  Remember the word of the year is BALANCE!

The Knight of Swords reveals that this year some will have missed opportunities & will feel left behind.  This applies to those who have chosen to continue at lower vibrations though they know they are at a crossroads but choose to stubbornly plow ahead in their darkness along with the rest of the sheep walking blindly.  I encourage those in this category to see the bigger picture and weigh out what you really want in life.  You cannot cheat the Universe as it knows all & sees all even the thoughts we keep in secret.  

On the other hand those actively seeking to grow & better themselves will not experience missed opportunities due to their awareness.  Living in harmony with the Universe will award those who have welcomed the opportunity to open their third eye with the opposite of missed opportunities.  They will receive prosperity & growth in abundance.  Both groups should go for what they truly want in life.  Don’t let anything hold you back, including yourself!

It feels like this year is also going to be a year of a divide as if there will be a separation of those who aren’t in balance with the Universe & themselves from those who are in balance.  It reminds me of the separation between Geb & Nut and the great divide from light versus dark or the ying from the yang.  People will feel like they are oil being mixed with water when the balanced & unbalanced come together.  Many friendships & relationships will fall apart this year as the difference in moral compasses become more evident.  

In short pick a side & don’t miss opportunities!

The 6 of Pentacles shows that the Universe is in a very giving mood this year.  This year is all about giving & receiving which is why balance & not missing out on opportunities is so prominent this year.  If you are in the mood to manifest this year is your year so get in balance and get into gear!  All throughout the year people will be in the heartspace to share & contribute as many are showing gratitude & giving thanks for being alive during a pandemic and making it through all that 2020 put us through.  

The Universe is genuinely wide open ready to give so make sure you are ready to receive.  It is really rather simple; balance yourself, go for what you really want out of life, and be ready to share all that you are with others because the Universe is ready to share with you.  I guess it really is saying “Are you ready to love me yet?”

May 2021 bring you lots of prosperity, peace, & clarity.



Published by Brittany Kennedy

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